Note from Karen Uhlenbeck

In past years, most of the students who have come to the Women's Program have wondered, "Why are they having this program?" and "What will I get out of it?"

There is concern in many quarters that women are not succeeding in the mathematics community at the expected rate. Those concerned include research mathematicians, women who studied in the l960's and 1970's and expected larger numbers of women to follow, and those who view the scene from institutional perspectives. This program is an effort to address this gender imbalance. In accordance with the principle that mathematics should be inclusive, not exclusive, the activities of the program are open to all, regardless of age and gender. Funding is provided.

Many female students and young researchers have encountered discrimination in certain situations and have concerns about entering a field with few senior women visible. The atmosphere in classes and seminars can be unappealing, and nearly all young women have practical questions about managing a career and personal interests. Often women have not had the opportunity to work with other serious women in their profession or listen to more than an occasional lecture or course given by a woman. The network formed through contacts with women functions like any other network in giving opportunities, support, and inside information to its members.

The Program for Women and Mathematics is supported by the Institute for Advanced Study, National Science Foundation, Princeton University and Lisa Simonyi. The program is held on the Institute’s campus in Princeton, New Jersey. The Institute is an intellectual center for research in mathematics as well as physics, historical studies and social science. Senior female mathematicians are invariably pleased to contribute to the program when available.

Participants at every level in the Women's Program find the experience of working with other serious women and gaining access to the network of female mathematicians not only rewarding and useful, but enjoyable as well.

I hope you will join us.

Karen Uhlenbeck