2021 Women and Mathematics Child Care Fund

Child Care Fund for Women and Mathematics Participants

We are delighted to introduce the creation of a child care fund designed to support Women and Mathematics attendees. This fund has been created to cover costs of dependent child care so participants with children can more easily attend the 2021 Women and Mathematics Program.

Awards from this fund may be used by recipients for dependent care while attending the Women and Mathematics Program, between May 22-28, 2021. The fund will pay up to a net (post-tax) maximum of $600. Participants may submit eligible expenses for more than one dependent.

Requests should be submitted by email to Cindy Pearce (cpearce@ias.edu) in the Human Resources Department, and must include the following:

  • Name and home address of the Woman and Mathematics Program attendee;
  • Name, age and home address of the dependent(s) receiving child care;
  • A description of the dependent’s relationship to the Program attendee;
  • A detailed budget noting anticipated expenses that are above and beyond those normally incurred. This should include information about travel and accommodations for the dependent(s) (and possibly caregiver) if relevant to the budget, as well as a description of the planned care (the provider’s name, the provider’s relationship to the applicant, the location of the care, hourly cost, etc.)
  • A completed W9 tax form filled out upon arrival on campus for the program and turned in to Human Resources (US social security number is needed to receive the money).

Please note this type of funding is considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. Funding will be provided to participants directly from the Institute for Advanced Study.

Questions may be addressed to Cindy Pearce at cpearce@ias.edu, or via phone at 609-734-8245.