How do I mount a floppy or CD-ROM?

To use a floppy or CD-ROM, do the following:

1. Place the floppy disk in the floppy disk drive or CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.
2. An icon of a floppy disk or CD-ROM should appear. Click the disk drive icon on the KDE or GNOME desktop to access the contents.
If the icon doesn't show up, right-click on the desktop and go to disks->Floppy or disks->cdrom
You can also type:

 mount /mnt/floppy 
mount /mnt/cdrom

on the command line. The disk is then "mounted", ready for use
. 3. Read, write or do what you wanted to do with the floppy or CD-ROM
4. When you are done: Make sure you don't have any open files on the floppy or CD-ROM, windows that are open showing you the content of the floppy or CD-ROM, or that you have a prompt in a directory within the floppy or CD-ROM(/mnt/floppy, /mnt/cdrom or subdirectories). This is important!!
5. Before you remove the floppy or CD-ROM: Right click the floppy or CD-ROM disk icon and "unmount" the floppy disk or CD-ROM. If you get error messages doing this, you have probably windows open "on the disk". Another way of doing this is to write umount /mnt/floppy or umount /mnt/cdrom in a window.
6. Remove the floppy.

eject /mnt/cdrom

or right-click on CD-ROM icon and select Eject