Is MathJax supported? Can I use MathJax on my website?

We have installed MathJax on

MathJax allows you to display mathematics on a webpage using LaTeX code.
 To include MathJax on your School website, include the following in
your html.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/MathJax/MathJax.js"><script>

This should go in the <head> section of your file.

Here are some example pages, one in drupal (our content management
system) the other in plain html.

To display math correctly on your page, use the double dollar sign
notation for displayed equations, $$ x = y2 $$ for example.  To display
inline math you cannot use the single dollar sign notation (a single
dollar sign occurs too often in legitimate text to be used), instead use
a backslash paren notation \( x = y2 \)

Feel free to experiment and let us know if you have any issues using this.

For Drupal users (staff):
MathJax is integrated with drupal, you only need change single dollar
$x$ notation to backslash paren notation \(x\) to take advantage of MathJax.