Social Science Theme Collection 2013-14

Environmental Turn and the Human Sciences

Organizers - Didier Fassin and Joan Scott


All titles are located on a shelf in the lobby of the HS-SS Library.

Andrews, Thomas G. Killing for coal : America's deadliest labor war. HD5325 .M63 1913 C736 2008

Banerjee, Subhankar. Arctic voices : resistance at the tipping point. GN473 .A76 2012

Cronon, William. Nature's metropolis : Chicago and the Great West. F548.4 .C85 1991

Cronon, William. Uncommon ground : toward reinventing nature. GE195 .U53 1995

DeSombre, Elizabeth R. Fish. SH327.7 .D47 2011

Farmer, Jared. On Zion's mount: Mormons, Indians, and the American landscape. F832 .U8F37 2008 also online at

Haag, Pascale. Faire des sciences sociales. H61 .F265 2012

Heise, Ursula K. Nach der Natur. Das Artensterben und die moderne Kultur. QH380 .H45 2010.

Heise, Ursula K. Sense of place and sense of planet : the environmental imagination of the global. GE197 .H445 2008

Jerolmack, Colin. The global pigeon. SF469 .J47 2013

Jørgensen, Dolly., et. al. New Natures : joining environmental history with science and technology studies. GF13 .N48 2013

Keller, Ann Campbell. Science in environmental policy : the politics of objective advice. GE170 .K453 2009

Kinchy, Abby J. Seeds, science, and struggle : the global politics of transgenic crops. SB123.57 .K48 2012

Latour, Bruno. Politics of nature : how to bring the sciences into democracy. JA75.8.L3813 2004

Meijer, Roel. Global Salafism : Islam's new religious movement. BP195.S18 G46 2009

Nixon, Rob. Slow violence and the environmentalism of the poor. PR9080 .5 .N59 2011

Orsi, Robert A. The Cambridge companion to religious studies. BL41 .C34 2012, also available online

Ottinger, Gwen. Refining expertise : how responsible engineers subvert environmental justice challenges. TD195.P4 O88 2013

Padgett, John Frederick.The emergence of organizations and markets. HM786 .E44 2012

Robin, Libby and Sverker Sörlin, ed. The future of nature: documents of global change. GE149.F87 2013

Sörlin, Sverker and Paul Warde, ed. Nature's nnd: history and the environment. GF13.N378 2009

Stroud, Ellen. Nature next door : cities and trees in the American Northeast. SB435.52.N58 S77 2012

Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers. After secular law. K3280 .A35 2011 also available online

Taylor, Bron. Avatar and nature spirituality. PN1997 .2.A94A93 2013

Taylor, Bron. Dark green religion : nature spirituality and the planetary future. BL65 .N35T39 2010

Theme's from previous years:

Dewey Seminar : Education, Schools and the State, (2009-2010); Secularism (2010-2011); Moralities (2011-2012)

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