IAS Film Series 2020-2021

The film series marks its thirty-seventh year this season. All films have been shown free of charge in Wolfensohn Hall and are open to the Institute Community. The series intends to offer the opportunity to hear from the producers, creators, and curators of film. Unfortunately we are unable to screen films this year given the pandemic.

Last year's films related to ECONOMY AND SOCIETY

For the past five years, the School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, collaborating with the Institute Film Series, has been curating films related to the theme studied in the School during the year. For 2019-2020, the theme “Economy and Society,” is coordinated by Professor Didier Fassin and Professor Marion Fourcade. The series will feature 6 films this year.

Upcoming films have been postponed given the current health emergency going on.

Term II films will be screened on:

While this screening is not a part of the School of Social Science Film series, we will have a special screening in advance of the Impact of the Past panel discussion on February 5th.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020. Denial (2016 : UK / USA : directed by Mick Jackson)
This film runs 1 hour and 49 minutes.

American academic Deborah E. Lipstadt in her 1993 book, Denying the Holocaust, called a British amateur historian, David Irving, “one of the most dangerous spokesmen for Holocaust denial.” Irving in response sued Lipstadt for libel, which under British law meant that the defendant must prove their assertion. The film Denial, directed by Mick Jackson and released in 2016, is the story of that trial in 2000. The film stars Rachel Weisz as Deborah Lipstadt and Timothy Spall as David Irving. When Deborah Lipstadt is instructed by her lawyers to remain silent throughout the trial it causes her much internal conflict. It was her intention to confront Irving directly and provide the opportunity for Holocaust survivors to give their own testimonies. Instead expert witnesses had to prove that Irving had distorted evidence and that gas chambers existed at Auschwitz.
A lot was at stake: If Irving were successful, holocaust denial could become acceptable.

Professor Deborah Lipstadt will come to the IAS to take part in a panel discussion, "Anti-Semitism—Past and Present” , with Lord Daniel Finkelstein (Sunday Times, UK), Professor Julie Gottlieb and Dr. Karina Urbach on February 5th

The School of Social Science Film Series, Economy and Society will continue in February after the term break:

Wednesday, February 12, 2020. People’s Republic of Desire (2018 : China : directed by Hao Wu)

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - postponed

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 - postponed

Past Films:

Wednesday, October 2 : The Big Short (USA : 2015 : Adam McKay).

Discussion will be led by: Sarah Quinn and Benjamin Braun
4 PM, Wolfensohn Hall, Institute for Advanced Study
The film runs 2 hours, 10 minutes.

Wednesday, November 13 : Valley of Saints (Kashmir : 2012 : Musa Syeed)
This film runs 1 hour and 22 minutes.

Wednesday, December 11 Graduation (Romania : 2016 : directed by Cristian Mungiu)
The film runs 2 hours, 8 minutes.

Films will be listed as they are scheduled. Please send your suggestions to:

thank you!

These events are free and open to the Institute community. Please note that food is not allowed in Wolfensohn Hall.