Information for Institute Staff

The Archives Center welcomes records with archival value from all departments and offices at the Institute.

What We Collect

We collect records with enduring archival value from all offices and departments at the Institute, in both analog and electronic formats. Examples of types of records collected include:

  • Correspondence
  • Meeting agendas and minutes
  • Reports
  • Grant proposals
  • Project files
  • Subject files
  • Summary financial records
  • Recurring and special publications produced by the Institute and its units, including annual reports and newsletters
  • Printed materials such as event flyers, invitations, and development brochures
  • Files on Trustees
  • Files on Faculty and other permanent affiliates
  • Files on Members and other visitors
  • Files on Staff
  • Photographs (identified, when possible)
  • Audiovisual materials, including recordings of Institute-sponsored events
  • Memorabilia and realia produced by the Institute, such as t-shirts and coffee mugs
  • Memorabilia and realia presented to the Institute, such as anniversary tributes and awards


Transferring Records

Before transferring records, please contact the archivist for a consultation to determine which materials are appropriate for the Archives. If the materials are not appropriate for the Archives, the archivist will make recommendations for alternative disposition.

After determining that the materials have archival value, please read the transfer instructions and submit a transmittal form.

Instructions for Transferring Administrative Records to the Archives

Records Transmittal Form

Managing Electronic Records and Email

Increasingly, the administrative records of the Institute are created and shared solely in digital format. The intellectual output of Faculty, even those in traditionally paper-oriented fields, is also increasingly in digital formats. As such, preservation of digital content is essential to ensuring documentation of the activities of the Institute. We welcome questions from staff about managing and transferring records in electronic form, and offer some guidelines below, adapted from the Managing the Digital Desktop project based at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Please contact the archivist if you have any questions or would like to transfer records.

Recommendations for Managing Electronic Records

Recommendations for Managing Email