Information for Institute Faculty

The Archives Center collects personal and professional papers, in both paper and electronic formats, of those who have served on the Institute’s Faculty. We are particularly interested in the papers of those who have been affiliated with the Institute for greater than half of their professional careers, but welcome collections from all those appointed to the Faculty.

What We Collect

Though we are interested in many types of materials reflecting a Faculty member's life and career, materials of particular interest include:

  • Professional correspondence
  • Research files
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Final and significant drafts of publications
  • Biographical materials
  • Photographs
  • Correspondence, meeting minutes, reports and other materials relating to a Faculty member’s administrative responsibilities at the Institute
  • Memorabilia and realia

We do not typically collect offprint collections (i.e. collections of publications by others maintained by Faculty members), which tend to be more appropriate for consideration by the Institute Libraries, but there may be exceptions when primary source material makes up a significant part of the collection.

We recognize that there are circumstances under which it is especially appropriate or desirable that a Faculty member’s papers be given to another repository. In cases where a Faculty member’s papers are intended for another repository, we ask that, when possible, files pertaining solely to the Faculty member’s administrative activities at the Institute be separated out for retention in the Institute’s Archives.

Donating Papers

Donations of personal and professional papers are governed by a Deed of Gift. While we provide a standard form, donors may negotiate specific conditions with the Institute's archivist. Donors may also specify whether or not they wish to retain copyright and appoint a literary executor.

Please contact Caitlin Rizzo or Erica Mosner via our archives email address if you have questions about the Archives or would like to discuss your plans for your papers. Inquiries from Faculty at all stages of their careers are welcome.