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Seminar on Theoretical Machine Learning

Digital Transformation of Societal Scale Systems

Opportunities abound for the development of new technologies and business models to address some of the most pressing problems of society. Most notably, the integration of IoT, Data Analytics and Machine Learning and Cloud Computing into societal scale infrastructures, such as energy, transportation, communications and financial systems. Of course, the issues of transforming societal systems is accompanied by issues of economic models for transformation, privacy, (cyber)security and fairness considerations. Indeed, the area of “mechanism design” for societal scale systems is a key feature in transitioning the newest technologies. Mechanism Design has traditionally been in the domain of economics; however, the rich interplay of cognitive science, machine learning, and privacy and cybersecurity makes for the creation of a new and rich discipline, which we are calling Digital Transformation.

In this talk, I will present an intellectual framework for designing Digital Transformation of Societal Systems, combining elements of learning, game theory, cybersecurity and utility based privacy embodied in a new Institute the C3 Digital Transformation Institute with partners Berkeley, CMU, Chicago, UIUC, MIT, and Princeton.

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Shankar Sastry

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University of California, Berkeley



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June 04, 2020 | 3:004:00pm


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