Rubenstein Commons Bar


Wine, beer, and mixed drinks are available for purchase at the Bar   

Rubenstein Commons Bar Menu

Charcuterie plate $13.00
Terrine Campagnarde, sliced salami, prosciutto, cornichons, mustard and French baguette

Charcuterie and cheese plate $16.00
Charcuterie plate with a selection of cheeses, cornichons, mustard and French baguette

Cheese plate $16.00
Chef selections of artisanal cheeses, cornichons, mustard and French baguette
Mesclun salad

Caesar salad $10.00
A dinner size Caesar: Croutons, Parmesan shavings
With a whole grilled chicken breast $13.00
With a grilled NY steak $16.00

Soup of the day
Small $5.00 Large $7.50
Served with French baguette

Burger $13.00
Grilled beef short rib burger on a toasted brioche bun
Chipotle mayo, fries, coleslaw

Chicken wings $13.00
BBQ or hot sauce, celery and blue cheese dressing

Flat breads $11.00
Ricotta, Sautéed spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions.
Finished with arugula, EVO, aged balsamic vinegar and shaved parmesan cheese
With tofu, Vegan $11.00
With grilled chicken $13.00
With grilled NY steak $16.00

Quesadillas $10.00
Two 6 inch flour tortillas with sautéed spinach, mushrooms, corn, caramelized onions,
Monterey jack cheese
With tofu, Vegan $10.00
With grilled chicken $13.00
With grilled NY steak $16.00