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Ready to warm-up
Oven and or microwave, these entrées are cooked.
Entrées that are in black boxes are microwaveable, the container is dishwasher safe and reusable.

  • Veal stew Provençale (sold out)
  • Spinach, cheese, and mushroom
  • Frittata
  • Neapolitan pizza, reheat in your oven or by the slice in your toaster oven. (sold out)
  • House-made Focaccia, Herb, or Olives or Jalapeno, cheddar cheese
    Can be used to make pizza, instructions are printed on the package 
  • Lasagna Napolitana

All sous-vide can be re-heated using a different method.

Immersion Circulator/ water bath: If you have an immersion circulator you already know how to do this.

Microwave: Pouches that are gold or silver/black ARE NOT microwaveable Vegetable and starch, poke a small hole on the top of each pouch for steam to escape.
Microwave for 2 mn, let rest for 1mn. Repeat the process until hot. Remove pouch from microwave, with a scissor cut the pouch open, pour the content into a serving dish and serve.

Meat in sauce: Open pouch and pour into a microwavable dish, cover with plastic wrap and Microwave for 2 mn, let rest for 1mn. Stir and repeat the process until hot.

Meat (dry): Use the same method as for vegetables.
In a pan, (stovetop) Vegetable and starch, and meat in sauce: Open the pouch and pour the content in a pan, cover with a lid and reheat.
In the oven: Meat (dry): Place in a cooking vessel with all the juices, cover, and bake in a 375 F preheated oven, middle shelve until recommended internal temperature is reached.

Meat in sauce: Open pouch and pour into a baking vessel, cover, and bake in a 375 F preheated oven, middle shelve until recommended internal temperature is reached. Vegetable and starch: Open pouch and pour into a baking vessel, cover, and bake in a 375 F preheated oven, middle shelve until recommended internal temperature is reached.

Sous-Vide  (Cooked, ready to reheat)
Veal osso-buco (sold out)
Lamb shank in sauce (sold out)

RAW, ready to be cooked, you are the Chef.

Norwegian salmon filet  
Smoked & Peppered Spanish Mackerel (ready to eat)  
Prime Black Angus beef New York Steak 
AGED Prime Black Angus beef New York Steak 
Whole Bell & Evans chicken (sold out)
         Basil marinated      
         Jamaican jerk        
         Ginger and soy sauce  

Smoked pig ear, all-natural,  USA, can be used for traditional culinary recipes.
Salami with pepper
Sliced smoked bacon

Truffle butter
Duck fat and Plugra butter with herbs, perfect on a warm crusty baguette.
100% Pure duck fat.
Natural beef fat, use to pan sear potato, roasted vegetables, or meats.

    Smoked pig ear, all-natural,  USA
    Can also be used for traditional culinary recipes.

    Brie, Gruyère, Goat, Raclette, Boursin, Camembert, Gorgonzolla Dolce, Robiola, St-André, Cheddar, Gouda, smoked Gouda and more.

    Sundried tomato
    Fermented black garlic
    Dry pasta selection
    Rice and beans selections
    Asian sauces 
    Pure maple syrup grade A available in  DARK  or AMBER
    Chocolate,  bittersweet, hazelnut or caramel and white

    SAUCES 12 oz
    Conveniently packed in a re-usable tub.
    Keep refrigerated or freeze Ready to use, just warm up what you need.

    • Cabernet Sauvignon Sauce
    • 5 Peppercorn Sauce with Cognac
    • Dijon Mustard sauce
    • Seafood sauce

    Vegetable cart

    Need salt? checkout the salt selection, soon to come spices, and mix in small jars

    Need something? Call ahead we probably have it.


    Vegetables and Fruit
    Food pantry
    Beverage case with beverages, cheese, and meats.
    Rack of dry pasta and rice
    Coffee and condiments


    Brussels Sprout and Smoked Bacon

    Mesclun lettuce, brussels sprouts, smoked bacon, apple, parmesan tuile, shallots, toasted almonds, dried cranberries
    Whole grain honey mustard vinaigrette $10.00


    Tomato, Green beans, Onion slices, Potato, Boston lettuce, Radishes, Hard boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, Tuna, and Sardines
    Dijon mustard vinaigrette $10.00

    Quinoa, Goat Cheese and Dried Cherries

    Mesclun, arugula, quinoa, dried cherries, goat cheese, toasted pecan, red onion, cucumber, parsley Champagne shallot vinaigrette $10.00


    Romaine Lettuce, grated Parmesan, Garlic croutons, Hard-boiled eggs.
    Caesar Dressing       $8.50

    • With chicken $10.00
    • with poached salmon $11.00

    Braised Lentils and Smoked Salmon

    Arugula, lentils, smoked salmon, red onions, bacon, dill, radishes
    Dijon mustard vinaigrette $10.00

    Side Salad

    Assorted greens with tomato, onion and white mushroom $4.00

    Sandwiches   $5.85




    White, All grain Pullman



    French baguette




    Roast beef













    Saratoga Sparkling L    $00.00

    Coke                          $ 1.75

    Orange                         $ 3.60

    Saratoga Still L             $00.00

    Diet coke                   $ 1.75

    Grapefruit                    $ 3.60

    Saratoga Sparkl 12 oz  $ 1.80

    Sprite                        $ 1.75

    Fuji Apple                    $ 3.60

    Saratoga Still 12 oz       $ 1.80

    Ginger Ale                $ 1.75

    Strawberry Apple        $ 3.60

    Lacroix Pamplemousse $ 1.75

    Sunkist orange         $ 1.75

    Raspberry Apple          $  3.60

    Lacroix Tangerine         $ 1.75

    Gus Grapefruit         $00.00


    Lacroix Apricot              $ 1.75

    Gus Lemon               $00.00


    Lacroix Peach Pear       $ 1.75

    Gus Cola                   $00.00


    Lacroix Lime                 $ 1.75



    Lacroix Lemon              $ 1.75









    Meals to go 

    Some items are subject to market availability and may not be available.


    Dip / Salsa

    Meals Cooked

    Egg                   $ 3.55

    Avocado                      $ mkt

    Plat du Jour               $ 9.00

    Potato               $ 3.55

    Humus                       $ mkt

                   Vegetarian   $ 9.00

    Tuna                 $ 3.55

    Red pepper hummus  $ mkt

    Spinach Quiche         $10.00

    Pasta                $ 3.55

    Tomato                        $ mkt


    Coleslaw           $ 3.55



    Caesar - Dinner size  $10.00











    Meals Ready to Cook














    Dairy & Cheeses 
    Some items are priced per lb

    Meat & Fish  
    Some items are priced per lb

    Dry Goods   
    Some items are priced per lb

    Milk qt                      $00.00

    Bell&Evans Chicken Breast

    Coffee Ground           $ 9.50

    2% Milk qt                $00.00


    Penne pasta

    Skim Milk qt             $00.00



    ½ & ½ Cream qt       $00.00



    Heavy Cream qt        $00.00





    Extra virgin olive oil Aria

    Gruyère Cheese



    Grated Parmesan





    Pons Vinegar

    Mozzarella celligeni Fresh



    Mozzarella celligeni w/herbs Fresh



    Butter PLUGRA






    Farmers Market
    Priced by the piece, per package or per pound


    Potato Idaho

    Pineapple golden

    Tomato Brunetta

    Potato Yukon Gold

    Apples Fuji

    Tomato cherry

    Potato sweet











    Green asparagus



    Italian zucchini



    Yellow Squash






    Celery branch