Veblen Research Instructorships

The Veblen Research Instructorship is a three-year position established in partnership with the Princeton University Department of Mathematics in 1998. Three-year instructorships are offered each year to candidates in pure and applied mathematics who have received their Ph.D. within the last three years.

Duties and Expectations

During the first and third years of this appointment, Veblen Research Instructors perform the regular duties of an Instructor in the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University. Teaching duties consist of a total of three courses per academic year, each course amounting currently to three class hours per week. There are two semesters per year, each containing twelve weeks of classes followed by three weeks of reading and examination periods. The University tries to accommodate the stated preference of faculty members for particular courses and schedules whenever possible.

The second year is spent at the Institute and dedicated to independent research of the Instructor’s choice.


Instructors receive standard Princeton University faculty benefits. Among others, these include eligibility in Princeton University’s housing program and retirement plans. For more information, please see Princeton University's faculty benefits site.

Princeton University will also reimburse you for eligible moving expenses, as described here.


Applicants must submit two applications: one to the Institute through its advertisement on,

and another to Princeton University through its advertisement on,

Current and past Veblen Research Instructors

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