Von Neumann Fellowships

The School of Mathematics awards this fellowship to about eight incoming Members per year.  Fellowships may be for one or two terms.  Selected applicants are typically 5-15 years from attaining their PhD.

We also ask von Neumann Fellows to participate in post-doctoral mentoring. Fellows who participate are typically assigned 4-6 post-docs. Mentoring activities include the following:

  1. Attend the Post-Doc Short Talks at the beginning of each term;
  2. Attend the Mentoring Dinner at the beginning of each term;
  3. Have lunch with your mentees 2-4 times per term to discuss both scientific work and career development. The School pays for these lunches;
  4. Once per term, briefly consult about your mentees with their Faculty Contact(s).


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Current and past von Neumann Fellows

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