Conference on Stochastic and Multi-scale Problems in Sciences

December 9, 2002 - December 11, 2002

Location Simonyi Hall
Institute for Advanced Study
Einstein Drive
Princeton, New Jersey
William Bialek (Princeton), Roberto Car (Princeton),
Weinan E (IAS/Princeton), David Srolovitz (Princeton)
Confirmed Speakers Robert Armstrong (MIT), Oren Becker (Bio IT, Ltd.), William Bialek (Princeton), John Brady (Caltech),
Wei Cai (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), Roberto Car (Princeton),
Emily Carter (UCLA), David Chandler (UC Berkeley),
David Ceperley (UIUC), Alexandre Chorin (UC Berkeley),
Bjorn Engquist (Princeton), Daan Frenkel (FOM Institute),
Graeme Henkelman (Los Alamos National Lab), Yannis Kevrekidis (Princeton),
Ronald Larson (Michigan), Andrew Majda (NYU),
David McLaughlin (NYU), Michael Ortiz (Caltech),
George Papanicolaou (Stanford), Michele Parrinello (ETH Zurich),
David Srolovitz (Princeton), Chao Tang (NEC Research),
Eric Vanden-Eijnden (NYU), Arthur Voter (Los Alamos Lab)
Confirmed Discussion Leaders Shiyi Chen (Johns Hopkins), Weinan E (IAS/Princeton),
Ron Elber (Cornell)


Stochastic and multi-scaled behavior is a central issue for many different problems in the sciences.
The purpose of this conference is to bring together leading scientists from several disciplines
including biology, chemistry, complex fluids, material sciences and mathematics to exchange ideas and
to identify common themes and new frontiers of further research.


Date & Time

December 09, 2002 | 12:00am – December 11, 2002 | 12:00am