Analytic Theory of Automorphic Forms and L-Functions

During this academic year, Henryk Iwaniec and Peter Sarnak will be in residence at the Institute for Advanced Study and there will be a program with the purpose to bring together specialists in analytic number theory and specialists in the analytic theory of automorphic forms. John Friedlander and Dinakar Ramakrishnan will also be in residence for the academic year and Dennis Hejhal will be here for a term. Some topics to be covered are:

  1. the analytic theory of $\mathrm{GL}(2)$ and known applications to classical problems of number theory;
  2. possible applications of the theory for $\mathrm{GL}(n)$ and other groups to arithmetic problems;
  3. spectral problems in quantum chaos;
  4. general L-functions -- distribution of zeros, Riemann hypotheses.

Junior mathematicians with an established interest in the domain or a desire to learn the material are encouraged to apply for membership (for the term or for the academic year) and if necessary for a grant. Senior mathematicians are also welcome.

Date & Time

September 01, 1999 | 12:00am – June 30, 2000 | 12:00am