TeX Live

The current TeXLive supported by our Red Hat 6-based systems is TeXLive 2007. In order to utilize the TeXLive 2013 based distribution, you need to prepend it to your path, by typing the following on a command line (or your login script):

module load texlive

In order to verify that the module is loaded, type:

module list

at the command line you should see the following output:

Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
1) texlive/2013

To go back to the 2007 installation, type:

module unload texlive

If you want to use the TeXLive 2012 all the time, then edit your .bashrc/.cshrc file and add the line:

module load texlive  

Then, whenever you login, the module will be loaded and you don't have to type it on the command line.

To view other available TeXLive distributions, type:

module avail

To load a specific module, type:

module load texlive/2012