Atle Selberg Memorial Program

Atle Selberg

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Memorial Program

in Honor of His

Life & Work

January 11-12, 2008




Friday, January 11

Scientific Talks


3:00 PM Peter Goddard, Director

Kannan Soundararajan
Selberg's Contributions to the Theory of Riemann Zeta
Function and Dirichlet L-Functions

4:00 PM Tea Break, Fuld Hall Common Room
4:30 PM John Friedlander
Selberg and the Sieve; a Positive Approach


Saturday, January 12

Scientific Talks
Moderated by Robert P. Langlands, Professor Emeritus, School of Mathematics


10:30 AM Henryk Iwaniec
Spectral Theory of Automorphic Forms and its Impact on Analytic Number Theory
11:20 AM James Arthur
Recent History of the Trace Formula
12:00 PM

Peter Sarnak
The Selberg Integral, Rankin Selberg Method, Arithmeticity

12:30 PM Lunch Available in Dining Hall
Life and Work
Moderated by Peter Goddard, Director
2:00 PM Enrico Bombieri
Prime Numbers from Eratosthenes to Selberg
2:40 PM Remembrances/Tributes
Kai-Man Tsang
Dorian Goldfeld
Brian Conrey

3:15 PM Break
3:35 PM Remembrances/Tributes
Dennis Hejhal
Erik Hjorth-Hansen
Betty Compton Selberg
Ingrid Selberg
Lars Selberg
Nils Baas
Peter Goddard

5:30 PM Reception, Dining Hall

All talks took place in Wolfensohn Hall on the Institute's campus.


Date & Time

January 11, 2008 | 12:00am – January 12, 2008 | 12:00am