Quantum Field Theory

A program in Quantum Field Theory for mathematicians was held at the Institute for Advanced study during the academic year 1996-97. The participants and lecturers produced lecture notes and problem sets (and some solutions to problems) throughout the year, which are stored here. This web site is in its final form as of January 21, 1999; the intention is to leave it in place indefinitely.


Following the conclusion of the program, much of the material on this web site has been re-organized, supplemented, and polished. It is being published as:

Quantum Fields and Strings: A Course For Mathematicians (P. Deligne, P. Etingof, D.S. Freed, L. Jeffrey, D. Kazhdan, J. Morgan, D.R. Morrison and E. Witten, eds.), 2 vols., American Mathematical Society, Providence, 1999.

Dan Freed has prepared an introductory account of supersymmetry and classical field theory, published as:

Daniel S. Freed, Five Lectures on Supersymmetry, American Mathematical Society, Providence, 1999.

There were two followup workshops to this program, held at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara. Lecture notes and audio recordings of many of the lectures from the January, 1998 workshop are available; there is also a web site for the July-August, 1999 workshop.

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