2003-2004 members

The program is led by Avi Wigderson. This page lists members and visitors who take an active part in this year's activities.


(people who are in residence for at least one term; the name is followed by a brief description of research interests, and personal home pages provide more information)

  • Manindra Agrawal (Computational Complexity Theory, Computational Number Theory)
  • Mikhail Alekhnovitch (Computational Complexity, Proof Complexity)
  • Andris Ambainis (Quantum Computation, Computational Complexity) spring term only
  • Boaz Barak (Foundations of Cryptography, Complexity Theory)
  • Maria Chudnovsky (Combinatorics, Graph Theory)
  • Russell Impagliazzo, Visiting Professor (Computational Complexity, Cryptography, Pseudo-Randomness, Proof Complexity) fall term only
  • Subhash Khot (Complexity Theory, PCPs, Hardness of Approximation, Lower Bounds)
  • Jan Krajicek (Proof Complexity, Logic) spring term only
  • Ryan O'Donnell (Complexity theory, Fourier Analysis of Boolean Functions, Learning Theory)
  • Toniann Pitassi spring term only
  • Alexander Razborov (Proof Complexity, Computational Complexity)
  • Omer Reingold (Foundations of Cryptography, Pseudorandomness, Derandomization and Explicit Combinatorial Constructions) fall term only
  • Nathan Segerlind (Proof Complexity, Computational Complexity)
  • Peter Winkler (Combinatorics, Probability, Theory of Computing)


Short-Term Visitors