Clusters, Polyfolds and Lagrangian Floer homology

Clusters, Polyfolds, and Lagrangian Floer homology

October 10-14, 2005

Supported by: Clay Mathematics Institute, CIRGET (Centre de Recherche en Geometrie et Topologie)

Organizing committee: Octav Cornea, David Ellwood (CMI), Helmut Hofer, Francois Lalonde, Katrin Wehrheim

Confirmed participants:
Mohammed Abouzaid
Peter Albers
Jean-Francois Barraud
Octav Cornea
Tobias Ekholm *
Helmut Hofer
Clement Hyvrier
Joseph Johns
Francois Lalonde
Remi Leclercq
Samuel Lisi
Janko Latschev
Dusa McDuff *
Ramin Mohammadalikhani
Klaus Mohnke
Matthias Schwarz
Katrin Wehrheim
Kris Wysocki

*: for part of the workshop

Mon.-Wed. morning: short courses on Cluster Homology and Polyfold Fredholm Theory
Mon.-Wed. afternoon: talks on related topics; time for discussions
Thur.,Fri.: further lectures and talks depending on interest


Date & Time

October 10, 2005 | 12:00am – October 15, 2005 | 12:00am