Conference on Turbulence

Conference on

March 20, 2003 - March 22, 2003

Location Simonyi Hall
Institute for Advanced Study
Einstein Drive
Princeton, New Jersey
Gregory Falkovich (IAS) and Thomas Spencer (IAS)
Invited Speakers Eugene Balkovsky (Rutgers), Antonio Celani (INLN),
Michael Chertkov (LANL), Uriel Frisch (CNRS),
Robert Kerr (Warwick), Alex Kostinski (Michigan Tech Univ),
Vladimir Lebedev (LANL), Alexander Polyakov (Princeton),
Alain Pumir (Institut Non Lineaire de Nice),
Raymond Shaw (Michigan Tech Univ), Yakov Sinai (Princeton),
Katepalli Sreenivasan (Maryland), Victor Steinberg (Weizmann Institute),
Alexande Zamolodchikov (Rutgers)


This conference is devoted to turbulence and other systems far from equilibrium. The goal is to bring together
mathematicians and physicists, both theorists and experimentalists, to discuss the present state and
perspectives of unifying approaches to non-equilibrium systems. Particular subjects will include general
turbulence theory, singularity formation in fluids, mixing, inertial particles in turbulence and others.

REGISTRATION FOR THE MEALS IS REQUIRED. (Speakers do not need to register.)

REGISTRATION FOR THE CONFERENCE IS REQUIRED. (Speakers do not need to register.)

Although there is no registration fee, because SEATING IS LIMITED BOTH IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM
AND IN OUR DINING HALL, you are required to register if you wish to attend all or part of the conference.
In addition, in order for our chef to prepare enough food, we need to have a headcount for the meals.

Please note that conference attendees are expected to pay for their lunch. Approximate range of prices
are $4.00 for a salad to $9.00 for an entree. Vegetarian lunches will be available.

Date & Time

March 20, 2003 | 12:00am – March 23, 2003 | 12:00am