IAS Spam Tagging Service

The Institute runs all e-mail bound for our e-mail servers through two systems. The first one is Proofpoint, and the second one is SpamAssassin.

Proofpoint Digest:

Every morning you will receive an email with the subject "End User Digest: X New messages" in your junk email folder. This email contains a digest of the messages that are considered SPAM by Proofpoint.

Below are some common questions and answers about the service.

What is spam?
Spam is an unsolicited e-mail sent to a vast number of recipients.

Will I notice anything different with my e-mail?
You should notice less spam in your Inbox.

How accurate is the spam detector?
The spam detector is about 95%-99% accurate.

I am receiving spam in my Inbox but they are not tagged with {SPAM?} on the subject line. How will I prevent this?
If you are receiving spam emails in your Inbox and they have not been tagged as {SPAM?}, you may compose a new email to is-spam@sophos.com then attach the untagged emails, which you believe are spam. You can also send the message and message header to the School ofMath Help Desk (help@math.ias.edu) for further analysis.

What if I have my e-mail forwarded to another account?
Only those messages that are not tagged as spam will be forwarded to the non-Institute e-mail address that you provided to us. All incoming e-mail messages tagged as spam {SPAM?} will remain in your Institute mailbox for a period of three days before they are automatically purged from our e-mail server.