Conference on Graphs and Analysis

Institute for Advanced Study and Center for Computational Intractability at Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey

Workshop Agenda


Laszlo Lovasz, Balazs Szegedy, Kati Vesztergombi and Avi Wigderson

One of the unexpecting emerging interactions between seemingly distant areas in mathematics is between graph theory and analysis. One such link is the theory of continuous limits of discrete structures. This theory has applications in computer science, probability theory, the theory of quasirandomness, number theory, statistical physics, and elsewhere. Further examples of interactions include the theory of measurable graphs, connections with ergodic theory, function norms related to graphs, analytic methods in extremal graph theory, and differential equations on graphs.

The conference focused on connections between graph theory and analysis. It was open to other areas of, and ideas about, this interaction. Only a small number of tutorials and state-of-art lectures were organized in advance (2-3 a day), the rest of the time was be reserved for ad hoc presentations and informal discussions.

Video Recordings:

Please follow this link for recordings of all the lectures from the Conference on Graphs and Analysis.


  • Miklos Abert
  • Tim Austin
  • Itai Benjamini
  • Christian Borgs
  • Jennifer Chayes
  • Persi Diaconis
  • Gabor Elek
  • Jacob Fox
  • Hamed Hatami
  • Yoshi Kohayakawa
  • Laszlo Lovasz
  • Russell Lyons
  • Jaroslav Nesetril
  • Lex Schrijver
  • Vera Sos
  • Balazs Szegedy

Date & Time

June 04, 2012 | 9:00am – June 08, 2012 | 5:00pm