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Update to Duo Login

An upcoming change will modify the look of our Duo Multi-Factor Authentication login prompt. This change will enhance the security of the system, and will be rolled out to our web applications over the next few months. Although there is no major difference on how you use the login prompt, we wanted you to be aware of the change so it isn't a surprise.

Old Prompt

Here is a screen shot of the old login prompt.

New Prompt

Here are some screen shots of the new prompt, and descriptions on what has changed. Note that the URL in the location bar has changed from dag.ias.edu to ias.login.duosecurity.com. This change is to support new security initiatives by DuoSecurity, our Single Sign-On (SSO) vendor.

Note that the username and password are on two screens now.

It will automatically try to do a Duo push to your device.

If you aren't going to use Duo push, you can click on the other options link to get the following menu.

Once you pass the Multi-Factor Authentication stage, you can trust the browser so that you don't have to sign in again for one day.


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