IAS Security Hero



The IAS Security logo was designed to reflect the principles of Information Security along with the ideals of the Institute for Advanced Study.

The round seal symbolizes that security surrounds everything we do.

Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality are the three principles of security recognized by security professionals world wide.

Availability: Ensuring that users can access their resources when they need them.

Integrity: Ensuring that users' data and services have not been unexpectedly altered at any time.

Confidentiality: Ensuring that users' private data is kept private.

The "IAS" represents the Institute for Advanced Study and shows that the mission and ideals of the Institute are held with the upmost regard.

The key is an internationally recogonized symbol of security.

The binary code, a sequence of ones and zeros in the background, shows that we are primarily concerned with electronic information security.

The binary does represent a message which can be simply deciphered. If you do decipher it, please let me know.

Thanks to David Hernandez for the creative design of the logo.