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Message on Phishing to IAS Faculty, Members, Vistors and Staff 2019-01-24

Dear Faculty, Members, Visitors, and Staff,

As we begin the Spring term at the Institute for Advanced Study, I would like to remind everyone about email safety.

Spotting a scam email can sometimes be difficult, both from an institutional level and an individual level.  We need to work together to protect ourselves from malicious emails, aka phishing messages.

Last night we received such a phish with a blank subject line from, "ITS Service Desk <jcmezzetti @ alaska.edu>".  I wrote up a quick analysis of this phish and how to spot scam emails on the IAS Security website here:


If you did click on the link and type in your username and password, please contact your helpdesk to get your password reset.

If you spot a phish, please let us know by forwarding a copy as an attachment to phish@ias.eduYou can also checkout our phishbowl (https://security.ias.edu/phish-bowl), which lists recent phishing attempts at the IAS. [the phish-bowl was decommissioned in September 2022]

Thanks, and safe computing,

PS. This email can be found on the IAS security website.

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