PCMI 2021 Graduate Summer School

The Graduate Summer School is a cornerstone activity of PCMI.  In ordinary in-person years it consists of several interlocking minicourses that take place during the three week session. These minicourses are attended by all graduate student participants and many of the participants in the research program as well.  They differ in level, and more introductory minicourses are scheduled earlier in the session and more specialized ones later.   Each minicourse is accompanied by TA sessions, where participants work on problems provided by the lecturers which build on and help consolidate the material.

In the online format in 2021, the GSS will be structured differently.  There will be three completely independent one-week sessions.  Detailed descriptions of each of these weeks may be found on the link below.  Each week will be structured so as not to be too "Zoom-heavy’’, and will consist of short lecture series (and for week 2, other activities).

 The Virtual 2021 Program will consist of three separate one-week sessions:

July 12-16 - Motivic Homotopy

July 19-23 - Illustrating Mathematics

July 26-30 - Number Theory Informed by Computation

See the course descriptions below for additional details pertaining to each weekly session.