Programs at PCMI

Programs at PCMI

The Research Program comprises daily seminars and informal working groups. It offers advanced scholars the opportunity to do research, collaborate with their peers, meet outstanding students, and explore new teaching methods with professional educators. The organizers envision a strong interaction between the Research Program and the Graduate Summer School and thus encourage participants in each program to actively participate in as many of each program’s activities as desired.

Centered around minicourses comprising lectures presented by prominent mathematicians who are experts in the research topic, the Graduate Summer School gives students the opportunity to interact with advanced researchers as well as university faculty, other graduate students, and undergraduate students. Activities are designed to promote personal contact, facilitate collaborative work, advance careers, and demonstrate the complementary aspects of research and education.

The Undergraduate Summer School  immerses undergraduate students in a multi-level, intensive research environment and in the educational, cultural, and social issues that characterize the broader mathematics community. Strong interaction with the Undergraduate Faculty Program is fostered.

The Undergraduate Faculty Program is designed for mathematics faculty from U.S. colleges and universities with a strong interest in undergraduate education and mentoring. Seminars and activities are designed to give these participants the opportunity to advance their mathematical knowledge and hone their teaching skills in an environment where both research and educational goals are being pursued.

The two-week Workshop on Rehumanizing Mathematics is for faculty from U.S. colleges and universities with an interest in issues related to increasing participation of underrepresented groups and women in the mathematical sciences. The workshop focuses on programming to support faculty who teach and mentor students in mathematics or in mathematics education.