PCMI 2023 Research Program

Complementing the more structured Graduate Summer School, which is primarily oriented toward younger mathematicians, the Research Program (RP) at PCMI is intended for mathematicians already in the midst of their research careers.  The program offers advanced scholars the opportunity to work together with collaborators, attend research seminars and present their own work, and meet outstanding students.  

However, the RP is not "just another research conference."  The distinguishing feature of PCMI is the way that people from across the mathematical profession are brought together, so researchers will have a chance not only to interact with each other and graduate students, but also with talented undergraduates, high school teachers, and professors and educators interested in equity and related issues.

New and recent PhDs are especially encouraged to apply if they are working in the relevant research area.  Small groups of collaborators from geographically separate areas are also encouraged to apply.  The informal format of the Research Program generates lively exchanges of views and information between established and newer researchers.  PCMI is pleased to be able to offer some child-care support to ensure that parents with young children are able to attend (please contact us for details).

Beyond the various research activities and graduate minicourses, PCMI also offers a wide set of cross-program lectures intended for broad mathematical audiences, and a number of formal and informal social events. Researchers are strongly encouraged to use this opportunity to interact with teachers and students. There are also opportunities to experience the many outdoor activities that the Park City area provides, as well as the vibrant local restaurant scene.

The 2023 Program: Quantum Computation

Organizers: David Gosset, University of Waterloo; Aram Harrow, MIT; Stacey Jeffery, CWI and QuSoft; Ryan O'Donnell, Carnegie Mellon University; and Thomas Vidick, Caltech

The PCMI Summer Session will be held July 16-August 5, 2023.