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“As Friends, we are privileged to enjoy meaningful access to the vibrant intellectual community of the Institute at lectures, informal talks, and many other cultural and social events. Our connections with IAS scholars and other Friends have truly enriched our lives, and we are extremely proud to be supporters of the Institute.” Deborah Lunder and Alan Ezekowitz

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Feb 28
Wolfensohn Hall
Drawing on his recently published, and quickly acclaimed, biography of Ernst Kantorowicz, Robert E. Lerner will recount the story of a major intellectual whose life and times were as fascinating as his work, and whose legacy is so closely bound to the Institute. The book is the...
Mar 01
West Building Lecture Hall
During most of history, inequality was the habitual and reasonable standard, while equality stood in need of justification, if it was considered at all. Inequality was omnipresent, palpable and realistic, while equality had to be imagined, argued for, conjured up from somewhere...
Mar 01
Wolfensohn Hall
Latin America’s move in recent decades to greater levels of democracy and economic development are undermined by weak institutions, corruption and the lure of populism. While it is a zone of peace with no international hostilities or significant internal insurrections at this...