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“Time and resources to pursue unconstrained research is of great value to future generations and in short supply around the globe. The Institute for Advanced Study provides leading scholars with the perfect environment to nurture fundamentally new research and many lifelong collaborations amongst global leaders in the sciences and humanities. As Friends and contributors, it is a privilege to support the Institute and the achievement of its farsighted mission.”
Cynthia Hillas and Robert Hillas, Chair of the Friends

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Feb 20

Friends Public Lecture by Didier Fassin: A Critique of Punitive Reason

Wolfensohn Hall
As the United States, after a long period of extreme and discriminatory repression of crime that has produced the largest carceral population in the world, is beginning to revise its sentencing and correctional policites, it is urgent to return to three foundational questions:...
Feb 22

Deep Learning: Alchemy or Science?

Deep learning has led to rapid progress in open problems of artificial intelligence—recognizing images, playing Go, driving cars, automating translation between languages—and has triggered a new gold rush in the tech sector. But some scientists raise worries about slippage in...
Feb 22

Friends Lunch with a Member

Dilworth Room