Social Science Seminar 2022-2023

The Social Science Seminar is held in Rubenstein Commons, Room 5. Except where noted (in bold in the list below) the seminar meets on Mondays, from 10:00am-11:45am. Attendees include the Faculty, Members, and Visitors in the School of Social Science as well as invited colleagues from the School of Historical Studies. Advance registration is required for all attendees not currently affiliated with the School of Social Science.

Seminar Schedule


September 26 Wendy Brown

Rethinking Politics and Freedom in the (Late) Anthropocene       

October 3
West Lecture Hall
Samera Esmeir

The Struggle That Remains: Between World and International            

October 10 Catalina Muñoz

Historical Thinking and Transitional Justice: Perspectives from Colombia 

October 17 K-Sue Park Homesteading and the American Dream
October 24 Kian Goh

Urbanizing Climate Justice 

October 31 Didier Fassin

The Judge and the Ethnographer: Recounting a Police Killing and Revisiting its Dismissal 

November 7 Saygun Gökarıksel Moral Autopsy: A Critical Anthropology of Reckoning with the Communist Past in the European East  
November 14 Hillary Angelo Power and Light: Public Lands and the Energy Transition  
November 21 JT Roane


November 29
Minhua Ling The Complacency of the Chinese Dream: Mobility and Citizenship in Fraction  
December 5 Lynne Huffer Inhuman Time: The Ethics of Extinction in the Anthropocene  
December 12 Lorenzo Alunni Odysseus' Scars: Bodies and Borders in the Mediterranean 
January 23
Timothy Mitchell The EconoCon: Climate Crisis and the Alibi of Growth 
January 30 Heba Gowayed

The Cost of Borders  

February 6 Alyssa Battistoni Planetmaking: Nature as Capital  

February 13
Dilworth Room

Jennifer Lee

The Asian American Assimilation Paradox 

February 21
Stefan Eich Greening Keynes: Money, Time, and Democracy 
March 6
Nayanika Mathur Pandemic Papers: the state of the Hindu Rashtra in contemporary India   

March 13

Maira Hayat Duties of Water: Bureaucratic Labor and the Postcolonial Promise 
March 15
Christina Dunbar-Hester The Fungible Coast? California Wildlife Conservation in the Space of Empire  
March 20 Heather Davis Petro-time: on the temporal politics of climate change  
March 27
Philippe Le Billon

Green Extractivism and the Climate Crisis  

April 3 Natasha Iskander Power made concrete: The labor politics of decarbonization   
April 10 Sara Pursley Iraq and the Moral Mandate, or the British Tribal Code in the Web of Life  
April 17 Andreas Folkers

Polluted Property. Fossil Fuels as Asset and Liability 

April 24 Julia Dehm

Accounting for Carbon: Targets, Inventories and Risks  

May 1 Matthew Salganik The predictability conjecture  

Seminar subjects may vary from the personal statements of Members included elsewhere on this site. Please refer to the titles above for the topic of each talk.