Social Science Seminar 2021-2022

The Social Science Seminar meets each week on Monday from 10:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m in the Dilworth Room. Attendees include the Faculty, Members, and Visitors of the School of Social Science as well as invited colleagues from the School of Historical Studies. Attendance is currently restricted to IAS scholars. If you have questions about the Seminar, please contact Miriam Harris at 609-734-8250 or

Seminar Schedule



September 27 Didier Fassin

A Scene at the Border. Nocturnal Encounters and Political Dramaturgies

October 4 Yves Winter

Toward a New Theory of the Political Imaginary

October 11 Cecilia Palmeiro

Ni Una Menos and the Global Feminist Tide

October 18 Judith Scheele The Power of Movement: Saharan Perspectives on Politics
October 25 Magali Bessone

Toward a Moral Economy of Antiracism in France

November 1 Anthony Alessandrini Dropping Crumbs as We Go: Community Education as Political Praxis
November 8 Deb Vargas  Culture of Poverty Politics and Latinx Gender and Sexuality
November 15 Asli Igsiz Fascist Utopias: A History of the Present in Palimpsests
November 22 Marielle Debos

Biometrics and the Promise of Democracy in Africa

November 29 Daniel Agbiboa #EndSARS: Police Brutality and the Voice of the Unpeople
December 6 William Callison  Haywire Liberalism and the Market for Far-Right Rebellion
December 13 Zachariah Mampilly  Social Movements and the Future of the Global Order
January 24 Wendy Brown What's Left of Freedom?
January 31 Debaditya Bhattacharya

"Even so quickly may one catch the plague?": Universities, borders and illegal migrants

February 7 Elizabeth Saleh Salvaging Labor: Growing up at a Beirut Scrapyard 

February 14

February 22

Harel Shapira

Biko Koenig



February 28 Maka Suarez  
March 7 Kenneth Roberts Democracy's Dialectic:  Movements, Crises of Representation, and the Endogeneity of Democratic Backsliding
March 14 Jill Frank  
March 21 Robyn Marasco   
March 28 Matthew Shafer  
April 4 Emily Merchant  
April 11 Zahra Ali  
April 18 Tanisha Ford What Gives?: Philanthropy and the Black Freedom Movement Archive
April 25 Keisha Blain

Black Women, Radical Politics, and Global Visions of Freedom


Seminar subjects may vary from the personal statements of Members included on this site. Please refer to the descriptions above for exact topic of talk.