Social Science Seminar 2019-20

The Social Science Seminar meets each week on Monday from 10:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m in the Dilworth Room. Attendees, as in the past, include the Faculty, Members, Visitors and Research Assistants of the School of Social Science, those Members of the School of Historical Studies with related interests, and colleagues from the wider academic community. If there are any questions regarding the Seminar, please contact Donne Petito at 609.734.8250 or We look forward to seeing you.

Seminar Schedule

2019 - 2020

September 23 Ed Cohen
Invoking Healing, or How to Think Therapeutically
September 30 Eben Kirksey
Hope for a Cure: AIDS Activists, Beautiful Lies, and the World’s First “Edited” Children
October 7
Isabelle Guérin
Unpayable Debts, Emancipatory Debts. The Political and Moral Economies of Women's Debt and Women's Bodies
October 14 Naor H. Ben-Yehoyada
Of Other Brotherhoods: Mafia, Freemasons, and the Changing Criminalization of Ritual Relationships in Sicily
October 21 Başak Can
In the Margins of Medical Evidence: Expert Witnessing and State Violence in Turkey
October 28 Sarah Quinn
Credit from the State, Credit to the State
November 4 Jeremiah O. Arowosegbe
Autochthony, Line Systems and State Building in Nigeria
November 11 Webb Keane
The Ethical Stance and the Possibility of Critique
November 18
Susana Narotzky
Reinventing Oneself during the Crisis. Autonomy and Dependencies between Conflict and Solidarity
November 25
Benjamin Braun
Wealth Regimes: The Political Economy of Asset Management
December 2
Chloe Thurston
Market Logics, Minority Rights, and American Political Development
December 9
Alexander R. Galloway
The Crystalline Medium: Computation and Its Consequences
December 16
Virag Molnar
Class Trips Beyond Borders: State-Sponsored Heritage Tourism and Ethnic Nationalism
January 21 (Tuesday)
Alden H. Young
What is Sudanese Political Economy?: Reflections on the Crises of the 1970s
January 27
Wendy Warren
The Carceral Colony: Prison before the Penitentiary in North America
February 3
Joëlle Vailly
Suspects’ Appearance, Origin, and DNA in France. Elements for a Political Conception of Privacy
February 10
Fleur Johns
#Help: The Digital Transformation of Humanitarianism and the Governance of Populations
February 18 (Tuesday)
Julia Ott
The Rise of Venture Capital, the Return of Inequality, and the Demise of Innovation in the United States, 1936-1982
February 24
Nathalie M. Peutz
Gate of Tears: Migration and Impasse in Yemen and the Horn of Africa
March 2 Marion Fourcade
Ordinal Citizenship
March 9
Z. Fareen Parvez
The Debt Economy in Urban India
Due to the coronavirus, the remaining seminars will be conducted via Zoom
March 30
Latif Tas
Parallel State and Governmentality: Kurdish Response to AuthoritarianismParallel State and Governmentality: Kurdish Response to Authoritarianism
April 6
Horacio Ortiz
The Digitalization of Money in China
April 13
Lena Lavinas
From Rights to Entitlements to Assets: The Warping of Welfare Regimes
April 20
Benjamin Lemoine
Embedded (and dis-Embedded) Sovereignty: Government Debt, New York Law and Financial Order
April 22 (Wednesday) Robert Karl
Writing History from Colombia’s Alcatraz
April 27 Federico Neiburg
Life, Economy and Economic Emergencies
May 4 Greta LaFleur
Sexual Violence and the State: A Racial History of Legal Castration in North America
May 11 Herbert Docena "We Are Not Beggars": Recognition, Resentment, and the Rise of "Market-based" Global Environmental Regulation
May 13 (Wednesday) Alondra Nelson
The New Technocrats: Science and Ethics in the Obama Administration
May 18 Pascal Michaillat
Beveridgean Unemployment Gap

Seminar subjects may vary from the personal statements of Members included on this site. Please refer to the descriptions above for exact topic of talk.