Kac, Mark

Information in this profile has been submitted by the individual or is based on Institute records, including the publication A Community of Scholars: The Institute for Advanced Study 1930-1980.

Data from Institute records

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Visits to IAS
TypeAffiliationStart DateEnd Date

Year of Death: 1984

Past and Other Appointments
AppointmentOrganizationStart YearEnd Year
1955-58 Ed of Trans AMS
1965-66 Vice Pres AMS
1966-67 Chmn Div Sciences NRC/NAS

Ph.D.1937John II Casimir University

Birkhoff Prize AMS & SIAM1978
Alfred Jurzykow-ski Found Awd in Sci1976
Chauvenet Prize MAA 1950 &1968
Parnas Found Fellow 1938-9
Guggenheim Fellow 1946-47