PCMI 2021 Research Program

The Research Program (RP) at PCMI is intended for any mathematician past their PhD; participants at the postdoctoral or senior level are equally welcome, and one of the goals of the program is to promote a leisurely way for all participants to interact with one another. Typical activities include some research lectures, working groups and small-group interactions. Groups of collaborators often find the atmosphere very productive.  Moreover, all RP participants are able to partake of other activities at PCMI. Many attend some or all of the Graduate Summer School (GSS) minicourses, and others interact with the undergraduates or the teachers.

This summer’s online version of PCMI will not afford these possibilities in the usual ways, unfortunately.

For that reason, we will not be holding the Research Program as a separate activity in 2021.  However, many researchers at all stages of their career might be interested in attending some of the lectures aimed at graduate students, and all are welcome to apply!  Please email pcmi@ias.edu to participate.

There will be some cross-program events that will allow participants from the various parts of PCMI to interact with one another.


The 2021 Virtual Program:

Three individual one-week virtual sessions will be held July 11-31:

July 12-16 - Motivic Homotopy

July 19-23 - Illustrating Mathematics

July 26-30 - Number Theory