Press Release

Janine Purcaro Appointed Chief Operating Officer at the Institute for Advanced Study

April 21, 2017
The Institute for Advanced Study has appointed Janine Purcaro as its new Chief Operating Officer and Associate Director for Finance and Administration, effective May 1.

IAS News

Robbert Dijkgraaf on The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge at Google

April 18, 2017
Video of Robbert Dijkgraaf's Google Author Talk "The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge" now available here . The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge | Talks at Google: Robbert Dijkgraaf , Institute Director and Leon and Levy Professor Date : March 28, 2017...

In the Media

The Kantorowicz Conundrum

April 17, 2017
Jacob Heilbrunn of The National Interest reviews Ernst Kantorowicz : A Life (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2017) by Robert E. Lerner , former Member in the School of Historical Studies, writing "in this, the first full-length biography of Kantorowicz, Robert E...

In the Media

“Usefulness of Uselessness” and How It Serves Modern Society

April 14, 2017
On the face of it, usefulness seems more definable in the fields of science, where it can be expressed in theses, discoveries, inventions and products. But even here usefulness can be elusive. In his article “The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge” (contained in the...