The American Philosophical Society has awarded Joel Kaye, Member (2004–05) in the School of Historical Studies, the 2015 Jacques Barzun Prize in Cultural History for his book, A History of Balance 1250-1375: The Emergence of a New Model of Equilibrium and Its Impact on Thought (Cambridge University Press, 2014).
Breakthrough Prize Recipients 2016
Ian Agol , Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Mathematics , received the 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics , which recognizes major advances in the field and supports future endeavors in mathematics. Agol is honored for spectacular contributions to...
The Society for Cultural Anthropology has awarded the Gregory Bateson Prize to Lucas Bessire , Member (2012–13) in the School of Social Science , for Behold the Black Caiman: A Chronicle of Ayoreo Life (University of Chicago Press, 2014). Additionally, Laurence A. Ralph , Member (2012–13) in the School, was honored as runner-up for Renegade Dreams: Living Through Injury in Gangland Chicago (University of Chicago Press, 2014).