Robbert Dijkgraaf

“Trying to appreciate mathematics without understanding its inner workings is like reading a description of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony instead of hearing it.” Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director and Leon Levy Professor, on the differences between generic and exceptional beauty, and why one type of beauty proves more useful in describing the universe.
Freeman Dyson at IAS
Robbert Dijkgraaf, IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor, remembers Freeman J. Dyson, the legendary physicist, writer, and fearless intellectual explorer who served on the Faculty in the School of Natural Sciences at the Institute for over 65 years. “As an eternal graduate student, a ‘rebel’ in his own words, Dyson was unafraid to question everything and everybody," writes Dijkgraaf in the PNAS . “… Perhaps he understood better than most that progress stems from disagreement more than agreement.”
Joy of x podcast
On the podcast "The Joy of x," mathematician Steven Strogatz and Robbert Dijkgraaf , IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor, explore quantum reality, discussing the frontiers of string theory and why space and time might not be the most fundamental things in the universe.
Illustration by Robbert Dijkgraaf
The artwork by Robbert Dijkgraaf , Director and Leon Levy Professor, depicts Russian nesting to capture the different scales of knowledge about the natural world, from the largest matryoshka doll that depicts our universe through the cosmic microwave background, the “first light” emitted soon after the Big Bang, to the smallest doll, the Planck scale, where spacetime becomes a quantum phenomenon.
Schmidt Futures has awarded $1 million to the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) to leverage advances in high-performance computing to understand challenging astrophysical problems. The project, led by James M. Stone , Professor in the School of Natural Sciences, seeks to deepen our understanding...
Watch Robbert Dijkgraaf , IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor, join distinguished scientists at the European Research Council conference in a panel debate on the role o f frontier research with a view on sustainability.
Robbert Dijkgraaf, IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor
Robbert Dijkgraaf , IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor, will give the public lecture "Einstein's Dream—From the Big Bang to Black Holes" during the opening celebration of the Princeton Gravity Initiative on Thursday, November 7. Dijkgraaf will speak about the current golden era of...
Robbert Dijkgraaf , IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor, was awarded the inaugural Iris Medal for Excellent Science Communication for his ability to communicate the importance and beauty of science, to explain difficult concepts in a way that listeners can understand, and to combine logic with boundless imagination.
The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) announces Sir James Wolfensohn as the recipient of the 2020 IAS Bamberger Medal, to be presented at the IAS Einstein Gala on March 12, 2020, at [ the New York Public Library UPDATED LOCATION as of Jan....
"In a perverse way, the refutation of a great conjecture can be even better news than its success, since the failure makes clear that our imagined map of the mathematical world is seriously wrong. Defeat can be productive, the reverse of a Pyrrhic victory." In a column for Quanta Magazine , Robbert Dijkgraaf , Director and Leon Levy Professor, covers how conjectures are proven, what makes a particular one great, and the role conjecture plays in the advancement of mathematics.

In the Media

April 22, 2019
Listen to the BBC Radio 3 broadcast by Director's Visitor (2018) Sally Marlow , who interviews IAS Director Robbert Dijkgraaf , and Professors Joan Wallach Scott , Freeman J. Dyson , Nima Arkani-Hamed , and Myles W. Jackson .
On April 18, Robbert Dijkgraaf , IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor hosted an "Ask Me Anything" session on the AskScience Reddit forum, coordinated in partnership with the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute , a co-organizer with the IAS and MoMath of the National Math Festival , which will take place in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 4, 2019.