How do I change my password?

To change your password:

  1. SSH into using your assigned IAS user credentials (e.g. ssh This can be done using the PuTTY application in Windows or the Terminal application in Mac OS X or your favorite Linux distribution.
  2. Type passwd.
  3. Enter your current password.
  4. Enter your new password twice.

Assuming you successfully typed in your new password twice, you should receive a message saying that all authentication tokens updated successfully.

If you have a Windows user account, please email the School of Math Help Desk at for further assistance.

Advice on Choosing a Password

Secure and complex passwords are can be a burden for many. With required minimum character lengths and a mix of character types (e.g. upper, lower, number, special characters), the traditionally formed passwords can be too difficult to remember and users bypass the security of them by writing them down in a "safe" place. Fortunately the passphrase is here to save the day!

A phrase meets the requirements on length and complexity, but are often easier to remember. For some ideas on coming up with a passphrase, consider the following examples:

DO NOT USE ANY of the Passphrases used as examples in this article for YOUR IAS ACTUAL PASSWORD!

After changing your password, you will need to update your clients, especially Mail or you may get locked out of your account

  1. Login to Email - Computing
  2. In the Menu, under Mail, click on Change Password
  3. Type in the Old Password, the New Password, and confirm the New Password
  4. Then click on Change Password
  5. Logout, then log back in with the new password