Reading, Replying and Forwarding Email messages using the Zimbra Desktop Client

By default, all new messages are placed in your Inbox. If you have mail filter rules, new messages can appear in places other than your Inbox. The number in parentheses next to each folder name indicates the number of unread messages within that folder.

If you are using the Conversation view, messages are grouped into conversations. When you pass the mouse over the conversation, a tool tip displays the first line from the body of the newest message.

To read a message in the Conversation view

  1. Double-click the conversation containing the message. The Content pane changes to show the individual messages in the conversation. The Fragment column shows the first line of the message body.

  2. To open the message, click the line that contains the message you want to read.

If you have Reading Pane enabled, the message body appears in the Reading Pane. Otherwise, double-click the message. The message is displayed in the Content pane.

To read a message in Single Message view

  • If the Reading Pane feature is enabled, click the message and read it in the Reading pane.

  • If the Reading Pane feature is not enabled, double-flick the message. The message is displayed in the Content pane.

To learn more about reading, replying and forwarding messages with the ITG Zimbra Desktop client, please browse through the Reading, Replying and Forwarding Messages guide.

If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please contact the ITG Help Desk at extension 8044 or