Positioning the flag column to the left

Have you ever thought of positioning the flag status column in Outlook on the left instead of to the right? You might have tried dragging it over the other columns to reposition it but it does not seem to work?

To be able to move the flag status column, click on the 'View' menu > 'Arrange By' then select 'Custom...'. From the Customize View: Messages window, click on 'Other Settings..'. Under the 'Other Options' section uncheck the box that says 'Show Quick Flag column'. Click OK twice to go back to your Outlook messages.

The flag status column will now display the flag icon only if a message is flagged. The column is now completely movable and may be dragged to the left over other columns to reposition it! To flag an item, right-click on the item, select 'Follow Up' and click on the flag color of your choice.


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