Managing your Tasks with the Zimbra Desktop Client

The Tasks feature lets you create to-do lists and manage tasks through to completion. You can add tasks to the default Tasks list, and you can create other task lists to organize your to-do lists by more specific activities, such as by work or personal projects. You can create a new Tasks List and synchronize the tasks from a remote iCal To Do list to the new list.

For simple tasks, all you may need to do is create a task from the Content pane. If a task needs to be managed, you can add more details, define a start and due date, set the priority to the task - high, normal, or low, and keep track of the progress and percentage complete.

In the screen shot below, three task lists have been created. The Tasks list shown in the Content pane is highlighted in blue. The Content pane shows the tasks that are upcoming, due today and past due, along with the status, percentage of the work completed, and the date the task should be finished.

Zimbra Desktop Client Tasks interface

Views Tasks in a Preview pane

You can enable a Preview pane to view the content of a task without opening the task. The Preview pane can display either at the bottom of the Content pane or on the right. Click View on the Task toolbar to select how to display the Preview pane.

When the Preview pane is at the bottom, the Task list view does not change. When the Preview pane is on the right, the Task list view does not show the status of a task and the percent complete is shown as a progress bar.
Sorting tasks

Sorting Tasks by subject, status, percentage complete, and due date

In the Task view, select a task list and in the Content pane toolbar, click the column heading to sort by.

Printing Tasks

You can print all the tasks in the list or you can select specific tasks to print.

  • To print selected tasks, check the tasks to print and from Print on the toolbar click Print selected task(s).
  • To print the complete task list folder, select the list in the Overview pane and from Print on the toolbar click Print Task Folder.

Share Task Lists

You can share your task lists with other people in your office . When you share your task lists with internal users, you can select the type of access the internal users can have, either manager or admin which gives full access to view and modify a task, or viewer, which gives read-only access.

To learn more about reading, replying and forwarding messages with the ITG Zimbra Desktop client, please browse through the Managing your Tasks guide.

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