Introduction to the Zimbra Desktop client

The ITG Zimbra Desktop client is an offline client that lets you manage your various email accounts in one desktop tool. In addition to managing your email messages, the ITG Zimbra Desktop client is also able to manage your contacts and has a calendar, task list application and a briefcase tool for storing your attachments.

Below is an overview of some of the features offered by the ITG Zimbra Desktop client:


  • Compose edit, delete, reply, or make drafts.
  • Track mail exchanges using the Conversation feature or optionally switch to a traditional message view.
  • Include attachments with your message.
  • Forward mail messages to one or more recipients.
  • Search email messages and attachments by particular characteristics or specified text.
  • Create your own folders to organize mail.
  • Create tags with which to organize your mail.
  • Create filters to route incoming mail to designated folders.
  • Set up different account identities and addresses to manage different roles in your job or personal life.
  • Work even when you are not online - messages you send are saved in the Outbox and are sent when you connect to the Internet.
  • Save your messages to a local folder to make more room in your account storage allotment.

Address Books:

  • Store all your contacts in one place for all your accounts.
  • Create groups and tags to organize them.
  • Add photos to contacts.
  • Auto complete email addresses when composing email.
  • Import new contacts from other applications as .csv files or export contacts as .csv files for backup.


  • Create and manage multiple color-coded calendars.
  • Create appointments, meetings, and events.
  • Import public web calendars (iCal format).
  • Invite others to meetings and view free/busy times.

Tasks, Briefcase:

  • Track your tasks including start and end dates, percent complete.
  • Edit documents including add images, tables and spreadsheets; share them in your email.
  • Save attachments in Briefcase rather than as message attachments.

Manager Your Accounts:

  • Archive folders to your computer, removing them from the server.
  • Backup your account or specific folders in your account, which can later be imported to the account to recover lost information.

To learn more about the ITG Zimbra Desktop client, please browse through the Zimbra Desktop Getting Started guide.

If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please contact the ITG Help Desk at extension 8044 or