Composing an Email message using the Zimbra Desktop Client

You can compose and send your email messages as soon as you write them, or you can compose a draft and return to it later to finish and send.

The first step to composing a new message is to click newwitharrow.gif on the toolbar to open a blank compose page. You can also right-click the name in the From section of an email and select New Email, to open a blank compose page.

Depending on your Mail preferences, either a Compose tab appears in the Application toolbar and the compose page opens or a separate compose window opens. You can have multiple Compose tabs open and you can move between the different tabs on the toolbar.

On the Compose page type the email address of the person or persons to whom you are sending the message in the To: field.

  • You can click To to look up a person's email address in order to search through your contacts or the global address list if available.

  • To add BCC addresses, click Show BCC next to the Cc: text field in the message header.

If you have set up different personas, the From field displays in the compose page. Select the persona to use as the From address.

You can either compose your message in HTML or in plain text. The default format is configured in the Preferences > General page. To quickly change the format for this message only, click Options on the compose toolbar and select either HTML or Plain Text.

  • Format As HTML lets you format your message with different font styles, create tables, add color, and insert hyper links.

  • Format As Plain Text produces text with no style or formatting. Any computer can read this type of message.

You can attach files, including pictures, documents, spreadsheets, and audio files to your message.

To learn more about the composing messages with the ITG Zimbra Desktop client, please browse through the Composing Email guide.

If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please contact the ITG Help Desk at extension 8044 or