IAS Interviews, Filming, and Photography

Interviews and Visits

Interviews with Institute leadership, including the Director and/or Faculty, as well as visits to the Institute, must be arranged through the Communications Office by contacting Lee Sandberg at (609) 951-4406 or lsandberg@ias.edu.

    Filming and Photography

    To obtain permission to film and/or photograph on location at the Institute, please contact Lee Sandberg at (609) 951-4406 or lsandberg@ias.edu.

    You may also download the Institute’s Policy for Filming and Photography, which you may complete and fax to (609) 951-4451. These forms, along with a certificate of insurance, must be completed in advance of any filming and/or photography at the Institute.


    For images of current Faculty and Emeriti and the Institute grounds, please contact Lee Sandberg at (609) 951-4406 or lsandberg@ias.edu.

    If you wish to inquire about permission to publish archival images of Albert Einstein and other historical photographs related to the Institute, please contact the Shelby White and Leon Levy Archives Center, at (609) 734-8375 or archives@ias.edu.

    Institute Publications

    For information about Institute publications, including the Institute Letter, the Ideas section of the website, and the IAS Annual Report, please visit the Publications section of our website, or contact Kelly Devine Thomas, Editorial Director, at (609) 734-8091 or kdthomas@ias.edu.