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Benefits Summary please find a summary that provides an overview of all benefits received through the Institute for Faculty and Staff, including details about the two medical plans offered by the Institute

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Medical Insurance (Aetna) - Faculty and Staff

The Institute provides health and dental options for regular employees and their dependents.  Benefit booklets are available in the Human Resources Office, 101/102 Fuld, for more complete information. 

Aetna Choice POS II Open Access Enhanced Plan Medical Insurance provides coverage for most services in-network with a  $15 co-payment ($20 co-payment for Specialist visits). If you decide to receive health services out of the Aetna network, you can do so by paying a $500 per person annual deductible (maximum of  $1,000 for a family) and then 20% of reasonable and customary charges you incur.  Prescriptions are covered within the network with a $10 co-payment for generic (Tier 1) drugs; $25 for preferred (Tier 2) drugs; and a $35 co-payment for other brand-name (Tier 3) drugs at participating pharmacies.  Beginning January 1, 2019 there will be a $250 Individual/$500 Family in-network deductible.

Aetna Choice POS II Open Access Base Plan Medical Insurance is available for a lower monthly premium. This plan also provides comprehensive coverage with higher co-pays for services rendered.  In-network services are provided at 80% and the co-pays for primary care physicians and specialists are $20 and $30 respectively.  Out of network benefits are available after satisfying an individual annual deductible of $2,000 ($4,000 deductible for family) and 30% of the reasonable and customary charge for the services provided.  The prescription co-pays for a 30 day supply are $15 for generics, $25 for preferred brand name, and $40 for non-preferred brand name.  Beginning January 1, 2019 there will be a $250 Individual/$500 Family in-network deductible.

You can use your Aetna ID to log into your own personal account on the Aetna website to access claim information, participating providers, discount programs offered in coordination with your Aetna health insurance, and much more.

Aetna website:

Area Doctors

The list of area health care providers who have been recommended to us in our survey by individual Institute Faculty, Emeriti, Members and Staff, can be found under "Area Health Care Providers".  Some of the listed providers participate in the insurance plans offered by the Institute; some do not.  You should contact the provider directly for more information, including the medical or dental insurance plans they accept.  This list is offered as a courtesy to the Institute community, and should not be interpreted as endorsement by the Institute.   

VSP Vision Care Plan

The enhanced vision program through Vision Services Plan (VSP) is provided at no cost to our medical plan participants, providing vision care in addition to the coverage already provided by Aetna.  The VSP Plan includes coverage for such items as eye exams every 12-months, a $130 allowance for new frames every 24-months, subsidized payments for lenses, and many others.  Information about the VSP program is included below.

Vision Plan Summary PDF iconInstitute for Advanced Study mbs.pdf

VSP Primary Eye Care Plan (

VSP Member Extras PDF iconExclusive_Member_Extras.pdf

VSP Tru Hearing Aid Discount (

Dental Insurance (MetLife) – Faculty and Staff

Good dental health is important to your overall well-being.  At the same time, we need different levels of dental treatment.  It is for this reason that the Institute offers staff two dental plan options through MetLife:  The DMO Plan and the PPO Plan.  The MetLife DMO Dental Insurance requires that you receive services from a participating dentist.  Services are provided with $5.00 co-pay per visit at negotiated, discounted rates in the DMO.   MetLife PPO Dental Insurance allows you to receive services from any dentist.  After satisfying a $50 annual deductible, MetLife will reimburse you 50% - 100% of the usual charges for the services received, depending on the procedure, up to a maximum of $1,500.00. 

MetLife PPO Benefit Plan Summary PDF iconMET29475_PPO.pdf

MetLife DMO Plan Summary PDF iconMET245_DMO.pdf

MetLife Dental Insurance Website Link (

MetLife Dental Insurance Claim Form (

Area Dentists

The list of area dentists who have been recommended to us in our survey by individual Institute Faculty, Emeriti, Members and Staff, can be found under "Area Health Care Providers".  Some of the listed dental providers participate in the insurance plans offered by the Institute; some do not.   You should contact the provider directly for more information, including the medical or dental insurance plans they accept.  This list is offered as a courtesy to the Institute community, and should not be interpreted as endorsement by the Institute.   

Area Health Care Providers

Click below to access a list of area physicians recommended to us in our survey by individual Institute Faculty, Emeriti, Members and Staff.  Providers recommended in the most recent 2015 survey have an asterisk next to their name.  This list is offered as a courtesy to the Institute community, and should not be interpreted as endorsement by the Institute. Some of the listed medical or dental providers participate in the insurance plans offered by the Institute; some do not. You should contact the provider directly for more information, including the medical or dental insurance plans they accept. Printed lists are also available in the Human Resources Office, 101/102 Fuld Hall.

Area Health Care Providers

Urgent Care Information


Benefit Expense Accounts

By redirecting a portion of your salary into Benefits Expense Accounts, you have the opportunity to pay for insurance premiums, out-of-pocket medical and dental expenses, and certain dependent care expenses with money that is not taxed.  Over-the-counter medications are also eligible for reimbursement with a prescription from your physician.  Every November you are given the opportunity of choosing a new amount to allocate to these accounts for the following calendar year. The Medical Reimbursement Flexible Benefit Account and Transportation Benefits Plan are administered externally by Cbiz, while the Dependent Care Account is administered by the Human Resources Office.  Please note that Cbiz charges $5.00 to replace a lost or stolen card.

Medical Reimbursement Flexible Benefit Account

Flexible Benefit Account FAQ PDF iconFlexible Spending Account FAQs EV1.pdf

Flexible Benefit Account Allowable Expenses

Flexible Benefit Account Prepaid Benefit Card Information

Prepaid Benefits Card FAQ 

Using Prepaid Card for Prescriptions

The Medical Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2018 - .18 per mile  The Medical Mileage rate for 2019 has not yet been released by the IRS.

CBIZ Flex Spending Claim Form:PDF iconCBIZ FSA Claim Form.pdf

Transportation/Parking Reimbursement Benefit

You may participate in either the Transit or Parking Reimbursement Program—or both. The T/PRP, administered by Cbiz, allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars each paycheck to pay for commuting expenses. You choose a monthly election, which is available to you as of the first of each month. Your contributions will then be deducted in equal installments from your semi-monthly paychecks in the same month. Any unused funds will roll over from month to month. For example, if you take a vacation during the month of August, the unused August balance will roll over to the following month, September. The funds are available to you as long as your monthly spending does not exceed the IRS allowable monthly amount.  For more information, please speak with Human Resources.

IAS Retirement Plan

IAS Retirement Plan

A retirement annuity program has been established by the Institute with the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) and the College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF).  Enrollment occurs the first day of the month coincident with or next following employment.  The Institute contributes 11% of base salary  up to the Social Security wage base and 16.5% of base salary above the wage base up to the IRS cap.  No contribution is required by you and you are fully vested after three years of service.  You have a choice of more than 15 funds (including various bond, stock and life cycle funds) in which to invest and contributions can be allocated between the funds as you choose.

Voluntary Tax-Deferred Annuities

You are eligible to participate in a voluntary tax-deferred annuity plan, also through TIAA-CREF.  You may open a Supplemental Retirement Annuity contract (SRA) and contribute money on a pre-tax basis.  With your first contribution, you are 100% vested in these voluntary plans.  The same fund options available through the retirement plan are available for your personal contributions. Contributions are subject to certain limitations determined by the IRS.  For more information, please feel free to contact the Human Resources Office.

Tax Deferred Savings through 457(b) Plan

This type of plan is only open to “a select group of management or highly compensated (also known as “top hat”) employees” as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.  If you are already contributing the maximum to your 403B and are eligible to participate, you may reduce your salary by up to $19,000 additional effective January 1, 2019, and contribute to this plan. For more information, please feel free to contact the Human Resources Office.

Tuition Assistance Programs

Tuition Assistance - Employee

The Institute has an educational assistance program that helps pay the cost of college or university courses-for-credit which are career-related. Career-related courses are those which directly improve your performance in your present position or which may qualify you for another job opportunity within the Institute. The program provides up to $5,250 in tuition assistance each fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) towards the cost of tuition, books, registration and laboratory fees for approved career-related courses. The Institute will pay fully for the first $1,500 of covered charges and will pay 75% of any remaining covered fees up to a maximum yearly benefit of $5,250. In addition, successful completion of the course with a grade of "C" or above must be maintained to qualify for reimbursement.

All regular employees who have completed their probationary period are eligible to apply for tuition assistance for career-related courses. Courses must be approved by Human Resources. Upon approval of your request for tuition assistance, you will receive one-half of allowable costs. Upon successful completion of the course(s) and submission of a transcript of grade(s) to the Human Resources Office, you will be reimbursed for the remaining one-half of allowable costs. Some of these benefits may be taxable. Information on the taxation of tuition assistance benefits is available in the Human Resources Office.

All courses must be taken at times that do not coincide with your regular work schedule.

Tuition Assistance - Children

The Institute provides educational assistance grants to the children of employees who are attending, on a full-time basis and as candidates for degrees, an undergraduate college or university. To be eligible for this grant on a tax free basis, a child must be dependent and either be naturally born, legally adopted, or a dependent step-child of the staff member. In addition, under IRS rules, a qualifying dependent child attending college is one who is a full-time student who has not reached age 24 by the end of the calendar year. If a child is over 24 but meets all of the other dependent criteria listed above, he/she will be eligible for the grant but it will be paid to the parent as ordinary income and will be subject to withholding taxes.

Regular employees who have completed five years of service prior to the academic year for which the scholarship grant is requested are eligible to apply for tuition assistance for their child(ren).  Regular staff who have less than five years of service but who were eligible with their immediate last employer for an educational grant such as this, will be given service credit toward satisfaction of our five years of service rule for their applicable prior employment after completion of the introductory period. 

Children are eligible for one Institute grant each year for up to four years of undergraduate study. The maximum tuition assistance benefit is reviewed by the Human Resources Office at the beginning of each fiscal year.  Effective July 1, 2018, the grant covers one-half of tuition and academic fees up to a maximum of $17,800 per year.  There is a maximum of $213,600 (effective July 1, 2018) for scholarship grants per family. 

The application for the Tuition Assistance Program can be found here PDF iconDependentTuition Assistance formFY19.pdf


The Institute’s holiday schedule is announced annually and normally includes: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. The schedule is distributed to all employees. In addition, the Institute normally closes between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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Other Benefits

Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an important part of your financial security, especially if others depend on you for support.  That’s why the Institute provides eligible staff with a Basic Life Insurance benefit that equals 1.5 times their annual salary up to a maximum of $1,000,000.  This coverage is provided to you at no cost to you through The Standard. 

Voluntary Life Insurance

Eligible staff may also purchase additional Voluntary Life Insurance through The Standard.   Coverage may be purchased in increments of salary (1, 1.5 or 2) up to a maximum of $750,000 at initial hire or due to a qualified life event.  If you elect this coverage you will be responsible for paying 100% of the cost, but will receive a discounted rate for being a part of the Institute.  For more information, please contact Human Resources.


Voluntary Benefits

Eligible Staff and Faculty have access to a greater variety of insurance plans through the Institute’s Voluntary Benefits Program.  Enrollees pay 100 percent of the cost for plans in the program; however, the group rates are more affordable than what one would pay as an individual, and premiums for most plans can be paid for by a single, after-tax payroll deduction.  The plans currently offered are  Whole Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Critical Illness Insurance .  Please speak with Human Resources for more information.

More information and Voluntary Benefit Claim Forms (Humana and Boston Mutual) can be accessed by clicking here


Employee Assistance Program

As an Institute employee, you and your immediate family members are eligible for the employee assistance program (EAP) offered though Morneau Shepell. This program is designed to help individuals, on a confidential basis, resolve personal and work-related problems, including those involving legal and financial matters, alcohol or drug problems, and emotional, family or marital difficulties. The program is available 24-hours per day, every day, to you and members of your household.  You’ll receive up to three face-to-face counseling sessions per occurrence. Should there be a need for a longer treatment plan, the Morneau Shepell staff will refer the individual to an outside agency. The telephone number for the EAP is 888-293-6948.  For more information about the EAP, see the attachment: PDF iconEAP Employee Flyer - 3 Face-to-Face.pdf


Disability Coverage


This policy covers Faculty members who have worked at the Institute for at least one year and provides income protection if you become disabled. To be eligible for benefits, you must be unable, by reason of illness or injury, to satisfactorily perform the usual duties of an Institute Professor.  Disability benefits are not available during an initial evaluation period, which is the period of 24 months after the onset of the disability.  During this evaluation period the full Faculty salary will continue to be paid.  After the 24 month evaluation period, basic disability payments are 60% of the Faculty member’s annual salary at the time of the onset of the disability.


Benefits-eligible staff are covered under a private Short-Term Disability Plan that provides up to six months of benefits when an illness lasts more than seven consecutive days.  The State disability rate is enhanced to full pay for a period equal to two times your number of years of service.  Should your illness continue beyond the six-month period, you are eligible to apply for Long-Term Disability benefits which would provide, in combination with Social Security disability benefits, 60% of your base salary up to $20,000 per month.



It’s always important to keep your health and wellness in mind, and awareness is the first step in maintaining or improving your health. To help you in this effort, the Institute for Advanced Study is offering wellness programs for all of our Aetna medical plan participants.  Included in this Wellness Program is an annual biometric screening event and a variety of wellness-related physical activity and challenges, as well as access to Aetna’s wellness program which covered individual Health Assessments, Disease Management,  Health Trackers, Incentives and more.  For more information, please contact Human Resources.


Open Enrollment

The annual Open Enrollment Period for insurance benefit changes typically takes place during the month of November.  During this time you may make changes to your benefit plan elections that will take effect on January 1st of the following year.  During the open enrollment period, Faculty and Staff will be required to use Employee Self Service (ESS) to reflect their changes and updates.  Alternatively, you may contact the Human Resources Office during Open Enrollment to secure the necessary enrollment or change forms.   Information and links will be provided on the website at the beginning of the Open Enrollment Period.