Departing from the Institute

Departure instructions for scholars in the School of Historical Studies

Member Survey

At least three weeks before you leave the Institute, you will receive a message containing a link to a survey with questions about your experience at the Institute. The message will come with the subject line "Request from David Nirenberg." Please click on the link in that message and complete the survey before you depart from the Institute. As part of the survey process, you will also be asked to upload your Final Report for the Director. If you have not received the message with the link by three weeks before your departure, don't hesitate to get in touch with Danette Rivera ( or Josh Horowitz (

Final Report

The Director asks you to prepare a brief, written report of the academic work you accomplished here. You are expected to submit the Final Report by uploading it in PDF copy into the Member Survey. (The survey will include an item that requests you to upload the report.) The Final Report need not be more than one or two pages long. It should consist of a synopsis of your work, a list of papers or publications that resulted, and any comments you wish to make about the intellectual benefit you derived from your stay at the Institute. Please keep in mind that these summaries may be appended to reports the Institute submits to foundations and agencies. They often prove to be crucial elements in applications for new funding. If you have received outside support, we suggest that you acknowledge this in your report.

Institute Housing Departure (if applicable)

You can find a detailed list of instructions about departing from the housing complex here. It is crucial to notify Sharon Tozzi (, ext. 8383) in writing at least one month before your departure. Please get in touch with Sharon Tozzi or Andy Compton directly with any related questions.

If you have Health Insurance through the Institute:

If you have health insurance through the Institute's group plan, please contact Cindy Pearce (, ext. 4436) at least one month before your departure to arrange for termination of your health insurance. If Cindy is not reached within one month of your departure, you may be charged for unwanted extended coverage. Please note that coverage payments are handled monthly, you are required to retain coverage for the entire time you are here, and the monthly payment cannot be pro-rated. This means that, even if you depart early in the month, you will still need to pay for the whole month of health insurance coverage for the final month.

Closing Your Institute Account

Please contact Accounts Receivable (, ext. 4447) several days before your departure to make an appointment to settle your Institute account. Please be prepared to pay by credit card any Dining Hall expenses during the last week before you leave to facilitate the settling of your account. The Institute accepts checks and traveler's checks. 

Forwarding Printed Mail

Please send Caroline Quiñones your forwarding information by email to We will use the forwarding information you provide to forward your office mail and contact you if the need arises. Please note that we will use this forwarding information collected by the School only to deliver mail sent to your office address. The U.S. postal service handles mail sent to your apartment. The forwarding details that the school collects include the following:

*Departure Date from the Institute:

 Departure Date from the U.S.:

 Permanent Office Address:

 Permanent Home Address:

*Preferred address for forwarding main (Office or Home):

 Office Telephone Number:

 Office Fax Number:

*Email Address:

 Home Telephone Number:

 Home Fax Number:

 Temporary address/Dates Applicable:




*Asterisked details marked above will be compiled in a shared forwarding list that will be circulated to all departed scholars from this academic year, at the end of the summer, after everyone has left the Institute. The list will include each scholar's departure date, preferred mailing address, and email address. If you have any objection to sharing these details, please inform the school when you send your information. In such cases, we will only include your name, departure date, and university affiliation.

Your ID card

Your ID card will cease to operate building and office doors automatically after midnight on the recorded day of your departure. You can keep the ID card as a souvenir, and it is also possible to have it re-activated if you retain it and can be used again for a visit at a future point.

Return Library Books

Please return all books from either the Institute Library or Firestone Library before you depart. Books from Firestone Library should be returned before departure even if they are not yet due.

Forwarding Apartment Mail

The U.S. post office will forward apartment mail to addresses within the U.S. To arrange this, you must file a separate form directly with the post office. You can do this on the web at, or you can use a printed forwarding address form. Supplies of the printed Mover's Guide are kept in a display rack in the hallway by the mailroom in the basement of B building, connecting that building to Fuld Hall. You can also pick up a form from the local post office.

If your new address is not in the U.S., the post office will not allow automated forwarding. Suppose you are expecting important mail at your apartment address, and your new address is outside the U.S. In that case, you can fill out the post office forwarding form using the School of Historical Studies address as your U.S. mailing address. Please note, however, that there will be postage costs associated with sending mail to a foreign address. Because of that, we ask in such cases that you make every effort to notify any businesses, friends, and colleagues of your new address before you depart. Please also leave instructions with School staff concerning the specific type of mail that you ask to be forwarded. We will not forward junk mail or solicitations. We would also like to limit (as much as possible) what actually must be sent to you and avoid associated charges. If there is mail that you would agree to have opened and scanned and sent to you by email, as an alternative to incurring postal costs, please inform staff.

Forwarding Email

We will deactivate your current IAS email account approximately one month after you depart from the Institute. In the meantime, if you would like to have your email messages forwarded to another email address, please see the procedures on the web page: Please note that once set up, email forwarding will continue for about a month (sometimes a bit longer) after your departure before it is automatically discontinued. You are encouraged to notify contacts of your new email address during that period. All email accounts will be discontinued, without the possibility of retrieving messages or other data, by no later than September 10th following the end of the academic year.

Alternate IAS Email & Staying Connected with IAS

AS a former Member of the Institute, you will be considered to be part of the "Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study" (AMIAS), through which you will have some benefits and resources available to you even after you leave here. One of those benefits is the option to obtain an AMIAS/IAS Email address. Information about that and other benefits the Institute offers to former Members can be viewed on the AMIAS website.