Activities for Scholars and their Families

Institute-sponsored Events

Non-scholarly events for individuals and families organized by the Institute's Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study (AMIAS)

The Institute Activities Center
A range of non-academic events, ranging from pottery classes to knitting groups and informal discussions are organized to take place in the Activities Center located in the Institute housing complex. Members who would like to plan a private event for a small group can reserve the Activities Center for their own use . (For example, for a children's birthday party.) The room must be reserved in advance. Click here for more information or to reserve the Activities Center.

Art and Culture

The Arts Council
Fine Art classes for children and Adults

McCarter Theater
Drama, Music & Dance performances


Institute for Advance Study Facilities & Resources
The Institute has its own small fitness center located in the ECP Building on Olden Lane (the same building that houses Crossroads Nursery School.) The Institute has tennis courts, a soccer field, and has established arrangements so our scholars can have preferred access to swimming in summer at Nassau Swim Club. More detail can be found here.

Princeton University Facilities
Members and Visitors and their adult spouses or companions at the Institute can obtain access to Princeton University's athletic and recreation facilities for a fee. Information about Princeton's Campus Recreation Facilities is posted on the web at: Please note that as a member of the Institute community you are considered an “affiliate” for the purpose of signing up for access to Princeton's recreation facilities. The Princeton website has information about how to register as an affiliate. See: Updated information about fees can be found on the following page:

Princeton Community Facilities
Recreational athletics are offered in the local community for adults and children via the
Princeton Recreation Department.

There are sports and recreation facilities as well as classes for adults and children offered by the YMCA located in downtown Princeton (on Paul Robeson Place). See the YMCA website: