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Rutgers University Astrophysics Seminar

The Increasing Importance of Dust in Massive Galaxies in the Early Universe

Understanding the physical processes responsible for shaping galaxies into their present forms is still one of the major unsolved problems in astrophysics. One of the most controversial questions regarding the formation and evolution of galaxies is when and how today’s most massive galaxies formed. I will present recent results from state-of-the-art extragalactic surveys showing the increasing role and importance of dust in the distant progenitors of today’s most massive galaxies, and in the general population of massive galaxies in the early universe. I will also show very recent results on the characterization of dusty massive galaxies in the first 5 billion years of cosmic history obtained through the modeling of their spectral energy distributions from the ultra-violet to the far-infrared. I will conclude by presenting exciting on-going projects to further our understanding of galaxy formation and evolution.


Danilo Marchesini

Speaker Affiliation

Tufts University


Natural Sciences


Refreshments to follow in room 332W.

Additional Information

Date & Time
November 08, 2018 | 1:302:30pm


Serin Hall, Room 401