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Princeton University/Institute for Advanced Study Planet/Exoplanet Discussion Group

Potluck Discussion of Exoplanet Papers

The Monday Planet Lunch will be held weekly. We discuss recent papers from astro-ph and hear from the occasional exoplanet visitor. Graduate students are particularly encouraged to attend. The format will be informal and inclusive, spanning at a minimum exoplanets, the solar system, and astrobiology. Moreover, we plan on discussing multiple topics each time we meet, and not to tether a lunch to one organized presentation each sitting. The purpose is to foster wide-ranging and cross-fertilizing interaction and to keep the local community up to date on developments across the spectrum of associated activities. Joel Hartman and Tim Morton are the organizers.


Everyone Welcome


Natural Sciences

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Date & Time
June 18, 2018 | 12:301:30pm


Princeton University, Peyton Hall, Room 33